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3.5.2 (2024-04-02)
OVA : NAbox-3.5.2.ova | 4.0 GB (md5 a7b0202e2911f8dc280ad08a853b9625)
Update : NAbox-3.5.2.update | 1.1 GB (md5 69534c447e0d8eba484d51463cca0da1)
Release Notes

3.5.1 (2024-03-15)
OVA : NAbox-3.5.1.ova | 3.9 GB (md5 1c277be8a322ce00bd276c0469c9df4f)
Update : NAbox-3.5.1.update | 1.1 GB (md5 019911860e5248b60638f19967b3a369)
Release Notes

Upgrading from NAbox 2.x

There is no upgrade path from NAbox 2.x to NAbox 3.x, the foundations of the OS are totally different (moving from Debian Linux to Alpine Linux).

Currently there is no way to batch import configuration or existing metrics, but it can be done manually.

Note that you are strongly encouraged to move your installation to NetApp Harvest 2 which has a different backend storage than NetApp Harvest 1.x (moving from Graphite to Prometheus).

A common practice when moving to NAbox v3 is to deploy the new virtual appliance, and let both running for a while until you consider having enough history with the new virtual appliance, then decomission NAbox 2.x.

Beta versions

3.5.3b2 (2024-05-17)
OVA : NAbox-3.5.3b2.ova | 3.8 GB (md5 92746a225137b0a72711a0f58697b32d)
Update : NAbox-3.5.3b2.update | 1.1 GB (md5 30a14e8699226ab75c1780b92f4d64cf)
Release Notes

3.5.3b (2024-05-16)
OVA : NAbox-3.5.3b.ova | 3.8 GB (md5 1cc87a43f647559fdbd7c88a569983d5)
Update : NAbox-3.5.3b.update | 1.1 GB (md5 3083015e034375d9119550549ab95eaf)
Release Notes

About Harvest 2.x

You need NAbox 3 to run NetApp Harvest 2.x. Please note that NetApp Harvest 1.x is no longer available from NetApp web site. If you just downloaded NetApp Harvest, you probably want to download NAbox 3.x above.

2.6.4 (2023-08-18)
OVA : NAbox-2.6.4.ova | 1.0 GB (md5 ac5e6a9826445bfc15f6b74ba94896ef)
Update : nabox-2.6.4.tgz | 496.3 MB
Release Notes

Verifying checksum

It is recommended that you verify the checksum for the ova file to avoid issues while deploying the image into vSphere.

$ md5 NAbox-3.5.2.ova
MD5 (NAbox-3.5.2.ova) = a7b0202e2911f8dc280ad08a853b9625
$ md5sum NAbox-3.5.2.ova
a7b0202e2911f8dc280ad08a853b9625 NAbox-3.5.2.ova
> CertUtil -hashfile NAbox-3.5.2.ova MD5
MD5 hash of file NAbox-3.5.2.ova MD5:
a7 b0 20 2e 29 11 f8 dc 28 0a d0 8a 85 3b 96 25 
CertUtil: -hashfile command completed successfully.