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Product Versions
Web Browser Safari 14+, Google Chrome 92+, Firefox 91, Edge 94
vSphere vCenter & ESX 6.5
ONTAP NetApp Harvest is compatible with recent and old versions of ONTAP. Regarding 7-mode, it is recommended to run the last available release to avoid deprecated versions of TLS

Compute Resources

NAbox will require more or less resources depending on the amount of systems (and objects) under monitoring.

Size Controllers vCPU Memory Disk
Small < 10 4 6 GB 30 GB
Medium < 50 8 12 GB 300 GB
Large < 200 8 24 GB 1 TB


Please take these numbers as a loose recommendation and test drive in your envionment, if you find this does not work for you please contact us.


NAbox uses the following ports that needs to be open on your firewall.

Workstation designates the computer used to run the web browser to access NAbox components.

Source Destination Port Protocol Role
Web Browser NAbox 443 TCP Web interface
Web Browser NAbox 22 TCP SSH for troubleshooting and maintenance
NAbox NetApp systems 443 TCP HTTPS for data collection
NAbox NetApp systems 80 TCP HTTP for data collection (optional)
NAbox LDAP / AD server 389 or 636 TCP LDAP(s) Grafana user authentication
NAbox 3 NAbox 4 443 TCP Optional, to migrate data from NAbox 3 to NAbox 4

Installing NAbox

There is a few steps to get the virtual appliance up and running :

  • Deploy the virtual machine,
  • Configure your systems in NAbox
  • Go on with your day

Deploying the OVA

Point your browser to your vSphere Web Client, and use the Deploy OVF Template feature.

“Deploy OVF Template” contextual menu.

You can deploy use the "Local File" option, or use a URL if you have NAbox available in a central repository.

You cannot use NAbox download link to install directly from the web site.

Deploy OVF Template window.

Choose a name and a folder where you want to deploy NAbox

Deployment location.

Choose the compute resource in which you want to deploy NAbox

Compute resource selection

Review OVA details

OVA details

Choose a datastore to deploy NAbox. You can deploy NAbox on NFS or VMFS datastores.

Datastore selection

Choose the network on which NAbox should be connected. On first boot, NAbox will get its IP address automatically from the network unless specified otherwise on the next screen.

Network selection

You can deploy NAbox with a static IP address by filling out the network settings.

If you leave everything by default (blank) then DHCP will be used.

Network Parameters

Check parameters and accept the deployment settings

Deployment summary

Wait for the deployment to finish and boot the appliance.

Once booted, you can find out the IP address of NAbox from the Virtual Machine Summary page.

VM summary

It takes a few minutes for NAbox to finish configuration, then the web site will be available.