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Release Notes

v3.5b (2024-02-06)

  • Full support for StorageGRID in Web UI
  • SMTP configuration for Grafana alerting
  • Added protection against ssh brute force
  • Improved security of web services
  • NAbox can now send alerts when running out of capacity (see alerting configuration in Grafana)
  • Removed deprecated option to set null point mode in Settings
  • Fix "Collect detailed data" Setting not working
  • Fix a failure while adding SAML enabled ONTAP system
  • Fix conditions when NAbox would fail to upgrade
  • Early versions of this beta introduces an issue preventing any upgrades. If the upgrade doesn't work, log in as root with SSH and run the following commands :
    docker exec -it nabox-api sed -E -i 's/(.*network_capable =*\))$/\1 != 256/'
    dc restart nabox-api