v3.0b6 (2021-08-19)

  • Insecure SSL setting can now be changed after cluster configuration
  • SSL is verified at add time
  • Changing Autosupport setting works for Harvest 1 and 2
  • Fix a bug causing hard to disable LDAP configuration
  • LDAP now support single bind if an empty password is provided.
  • Fix an error occurring when adding AIQ server
  • Fix issues with deployment of Harvest 2
  • Web UI now reflects system current running state


  • If uploading takes more than 15 min., upgrade may fail. In that case, you must use the API to uploading package (See https://your_nabox/api/1.0/ui/)
  • No migration wizard
  • No Backup/Restore options
  • No way to blacklist metrics (Ignore clones from backup sofware)

Changes since 2.x

  • Full REST API on /api/1.0/ui, harvest/1.0/ui and harvest2/1.0/ui
  • New Web UI
  • Improved security
  • Ready for Harvest 2.x